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          HK universities should open arms to mainland students|HongKong Life
          Li Bingbing covers LOFFICIEL HOMMES更多 >>
          • We are committed to international expansion, especially in the US and Europe, says David Yin, the companys managing director for Europe.
          • In preparation, it has started training volunteers to help with the organ donation procedures.
          • Members of major Chinese Web media took park in an awareness campaign launched by Hunan Daily to retrace Mao Zedongs experience in his early years to mark Maos 120th birthday.
          • Africans chat on Dengfeng street in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province on Jan 21, 2013.
          • All of the recruits were carefully checked because they will be handed weapons, Aleksandr Bochkarev, head of the Crimean self-defense forces, told RIA.
          • So Australia needs to trade.
          • Many Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom are avoiding hotels and favoring serviced apartments, according to a trade body.
          • At the age of 16, Xiao Hes condition started to cause more trouble for her family when she began to slap her own cheeks every other hour until they became swollen, and hit those who tried to stop her.
          • His international recognition has seen him pick up an Best Animated Feature Oscar for 2001 film Spirited Away as well as a Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival in 2005.
          • Fu said selling fireflies online is the wrong way to develop the mainlands firefly industry chain, and contrasts with tourism-oriented firefly protection zones in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.
          • On Wednesday afternoon, Xi visited Dalian and boarded the Liaoning at Dalian Port to review a parade for the PLAs Honor Guard, a ceremonial military unit.
          • They gave bonuses for appointments.
          拓展国际视野,立足本土实践 ,创造管理新知 ,培育卓越人才
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